Chevrolet Drives Digital Transformation with Upgraded ‘Shop.Click.Drive.’ Tool

The way we shop for vehicles is changing. E-commerce has become increasingly popular and, as consumer trust builds, we see more big-ticket items bought online; this trend is visible in the region as we see a shift away from the traditional on-ground dealership experience. In fact, we know the very start of the new-car-journey, begins online with research indicating that people in the market for a new vehicle will spend 59% of their time online conducting research[1]. 71% of people research car prices while 64% compare different models by watching YouTube videos, reading reviews and checking out dealer websites.

In 2017, Chevrolet was the first manufacturer in the region to bridge the gap between research and online purchasing, with the launch of Shop.Click.Drive., the first regional automotive e-commerce platform, allowing customers to browse and purchase a vehicle outright at the push of a button. Building on this experience, Chevrolet recently upgraded the service through a strategic partnership with Emirates NBD, to offer customers financing options and applications through Shop.Click.Drive.

Since enabling financing on the Shop.Click.Drive., sales have increased in comparison to this time last year, demonstrating an uptick in consumer confidence in online purchases, even with a high investment.

Ali Akhtar, a long-term Chevrolet Camaro driver shared some insight on why he chose to shop online for his long awaited 2020 model: “I had been looking at buying a new Camaro just before we were advised to stay safe at home, so I had to put the purchase on hold. When I learnt that Chevrolet had added finance options to Shop.Click.Drive., I realized I didn’t even need to leave my house to have my new car delivered!”

Chevrolet keeps customers at the heart of the business and, as consumer purchasing behavior shifts, the brand pivots with it. Shop.Click.Drive. and other digital tools, will remain a heavy investment for the brand as we continue to find flexible ways for our customers to shop for their new Chevrolet, from the comfort of their own home or while out on-the-move.

Chevrolet Shop.Click.Drive is available through the website

[1] Autotrader

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