Al Ghandi Auto’s “I Am Convinced” campaign creates a positive shock for seatbelt awareness

  • Al Ghandi Auto’s “Seat belt convincer” to tour the uae, in collaboration with road safety uae
  • Survey: 22% of drivers do not wear seatbelts & 29% of co-drivers do not buckle up

Dubai, UAE: Realizing the need to create a positive shock among residents, and especially drivers in the UAE, in order to encourage the use of seatbelts at all times, Al Ghandi Auto, the leading General Motors automotive dealership that sells Chevrolet and GMC vehicles in Dubai and the North Emirates, launched the “I’ am Convinced” campaign, to demonstrate the real impact of a live collision.

Al Ghandi Auto’s campaign, which is launched in collaboration with the RoadSafetyUAE, brings to the UAE the “Seat Belt Convincer”, an easy-to-use educational tool that allows riders to experience force, up to five times their body weight, similar to that of a 5-7 mph crash.

“The rate of fatalities from car accidents due to negligence in using seatbelts among all passengers remains alarming and above the level outlined by the UAE government and road safety organizations,” said Mark Jenkins, CEO, Al Ghandi Auto Group. “Our role as an enterprise with pioneering social responsibility objectives led us to invest and introduce in the UAE the ‘Seat Belt Convincer’ as part of a nation-wide campaign that was designed to simulate to riders the impact of collisions when using a seatbelt.”

Al Ghandi Auto’s “I am Convinced” campaign had recently partnered with Dubizzle and Careem, to reaffirm to its employees and drivers the importance to buckle up among all passengers in their cars. Similar partnerships will be replicated with other businesses, universities, schools, shopping centers and other high traffic venues, in order to generate nation-wide awareness about the fatal effects of refraining from using the seatbelt by all passengers when riding a vehicle.

According to a survey conducted by RoadSafetyUAE in February 2017, it was found that 78% of drivers stated they ‘always buckle up’; 71% of co-drivers said they ‘always buckle up’; while only 11% of backseat passengers actually responded that they ‘always buckle up’.

Thomas Edelmann, Managing Director, RoadSafetyUAE, said, “We need to continue to instill in people’s minds that seatbelts save lives. Al Ghandi Auto’s initiative is a perfect example of a social responsibility awareness campaign by one of the leading dealerships in the region, and I am confident that our collaboration will add positive value to our on-going road safety projects.”

He added, “Reaching out to the public to test firsthand the Seat Belt Convincer will ultimately lead to wider acceptance of the importance of buckling up and a stronger enforcement of the new seatbelt law, introduced in July 2017, which mandates that everyone in the vehicle must wear a seatbelt at all times.”

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