Fuel Efficiency is the Driving Force Behind the 2016 Chevrolet Spark’s Improved Aerodynamics

The 2016 Spark’s lower profile reduces aerodynamic drag to help improve efficiency

DUBAI – In the past, auto engineers used the fundamentals of aerodynamics to enhance the appearance and performance of sports cars and racecars. Though unknown to many drivers, aerodynamics is one of the ways designers and engineers can help boost the fuel economy of cars.

A strong correlation exists between a vehicle’s aerodynamic drag (or air resistance) and fuel efficiency, which is why Chevrolet engineers extended the all-new 2016 Chevrolet Spark’s wheelbase and reduced the vehicle’s overall height by 40mm compared to the previous model to improve the vehicle’s aerodynamics.

The all-new Spark’s lower profile – and sleeker overall proportion – decreases the aerodynamic drag coefficient, which in turn increases the vehicle’s fuel economy. The outcome is an aerodynamically-optimized design that is visually appealing, delivers real power, and promises big savings at the gas pump.

The reason why aerodynamics plays such a pivotal role in the quest for enhanced fuel efficiency is simple: by sculpting the 2016 Spark in a way that makes it lighter, and more streamlined, aero designers and engineers ensured that the vehicle moves smoothly when traveling through air. Aerodynamics boils down to science: it is about making sure that a car’s features don’t disrupt the airflow, because unwanted air turbulence or increase drag.

This is critical, considering that, today, overcoming wind resistance can account for one-third of the fuel used at highway speeds.

The 2016 Spark’s fuel efficiency benefits extend beyond its aerodynamic design: the model’s new Ecotec engine family is engineered to deliver strong performance with excellent efficiency. The Spark’s new 1.4L features an aluminum cylinder block and head, which helps reduce the vehicle’s overall mass to enhance performance and efficiency. The cylinder head also incorporates an integrated exhaust manifold, which further reduces weight – an attribute that contributes to increased vehicle efficiency and a more favorable front-to-rear weight balance, for a more responsive driving experience.

In addition, the available Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) seamlessly adjusts to driver throttle input and speed for a comfortable and effortless ride.

Engine efficiency is also enhanced through reduced friction, including low-friction piston rings, a low-friction camshaft drive and a low-friction oil pump.

Engineered to deliver strong performance with excellent efficiency, the new Ecotec engine family represents a clean-sheet design and engineering process, leveraging the diverse experience of GM’s global resources. The 2016 Spark will offer impressive fuel economy with a combined fuel economy of 19.6km/L.

All 2016 Spark owners will receive a new level of customer experience courtesy of Chevrolet Complete Care. The comprehensive aftersales package promises additional value with competitive and transparent maintenance pricing; one-hour servicing; two days advanced booking; a regional three-year/100,000-km warranty; and four years of regional 24x7 roadside assistance.

The 2016 Spark is now available for sale in showrooms across the Middle East.