Each month we are giving you something different to smile about. Your safety matters to us which means we want your service – who else has GM certified technicians that know your vehicle inside out. After buying your car from Al Ghandi Auto the service with a smile doesn’t stop there. We want to accompany you and your vehicle on the entire journey supporting you through maintenance of the vehicle you just bought. Servicing your vehicle is as important to you as it is to us.

Below we are offering special services for you to avail each month. Click on the highlighted link and either print off the voucher or show it to our service advisor at the service centre – its that simple.


FREE Brake system inspection.

Get your free brake system check at any Al Ghandi Auto branch for Free.

  • Inspection of brake pads
  • Inspection of rotor disc condition
  • Inspection of brake booster condition

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Tyre alignment for 4 wheels only 150AED.

  • Inspect steering suspension
  • Perform computer alignment
  • Inspect tyres wear condition
  • Inspect air pressure and set to manufacturer's specification
  • Inspect wheel bearings
  • Adjust caster, camber, and toe as required with test-drive

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MARCH 2017

Free Service Engine Light diagnosis

Visit any Al Ghandi Auto branch to get the service engine light in your vehicle diagnosed for free by a certified GM technician.

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APRIL 2017

FREE HVAC system inspection.

  • Inspection of the A/C system including gas leak check
  • Special discount if part replacement is required (terms and conditions apply)

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May 2017

Free Tire, Steering System and Suspension Condition Check-up by certified GM technician

Offer Includes:

  • Tires Wear & Tear, check and report
  • Tires Air leak check and report
  • Steering System visual inspection and road test
  • Visual suspension check-up & road test by certified GM technician
  • 15% discount on Labor*
  • 25% discount on Parts*