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Our Fleet department's consultative approach will make it easy for you to decide and make the optimal purchase decision best suited for your needs. We represent global brands from budget to premium to suit our customer's requirements. All our showrooms (Sheikh Zayed Road, Deira, and Ras Al Khaimah) can be easily located awaiting your enquiry. We serve to Government & Semi Government organisations, Rent-A-Cars and Small-Medium-Enterprises through customised solutions taking care of your complete fleet requirements.

Our fleet clients receive one-on-one personal attention, from the first meeting through to the delivery process and are catered for during regular vehicle maintenance schedules. You will relish the service experience in our customer oriented Service conveniently ocated at Sheikh Zayed Road, Deira, Ras Al Khor, Sharjah, Fujairah, and Ras Al Khaimah. At Al Ghandi you have the option of choosing from a “Routine Service Package" or a “Total Maintenance Package" with flexible mileage & tenure to allow a peace of mind driving experience. Parts Counters at all our representative locations completes the 3-S offering package making each stop a comprehensive one for a quick turn-around.

Our Certified-Pre-Owned Vehicles department not only assist with individuals with a purchase from our available stock but also cater to our valued clients by providing a relaxed ownership experience and outlet of disposing vehicles with great ease and value for money, allowing current and future transactions all the more easier.




Name: Mr. Mohammed Yousef

Phone Number: 04-2310800 Ext. 819

Mobile Number: 050-8593017

Email ID: m.yousef@alghandi.com

Specialization: Supervisor - Government Sales

Location: SZR Showroom

Name: Ms. Nahid Mohammed

Phone Number: 04-2310800 Ext. 827

Mobile Number: 050-7950058

Email ID: mnahid@alghandi.com

Specialization: Fleet Sales Executive

Location: SZR Showroom

Name: Mr. Mohammed Sameer

Phone Number: 04-2310800 Ext.717

Mobile Number: 055-8595976

Email ID: mohammed.sameer@alghandi.com

Specialization: Fleet Sales Executive - SME

Location: SZR Showroom


Name: Mr. Biju Kalathil

Phone Number: 04-2310800 Ext. 830

Mobile Number: 050-5398370

Email ID: biju.kalathil@alghandi.com

Specialization: Supervisor - Key Accounts

Location: SZR Showroom

Name: Mr. Yasser Abdul Aziz

Phone Number: 04-2310800 Ext. 809

Mobile Number: 056-1134222

Email ID: yasser.abdul@alghandi.com

Specialization: Fleet Sales Executive - SME

Location: SZR Showroom

Name: Mr. Mani Chandran

Phone Number: 04-6084664

Mobile Number: 055-3625745

Email ID: manichandran@alghandi.com

Specialization: Fleet Sales Executive

Location: SZR Showroom 

Name: Mr. Abuzar

Phone Number: 04-2310800 Ext. 844

Mobile Number: 050-6811508

Email ID: abuzar.m@alghandi.com

Specialization: Fleet Sales Executive - SME

Location/Region: SZR Showroom

Name: Mr. Abdul Azeem

Phone Number: 04-6084696

Mobile Number: 050-9858918

Email ID: abdul.azeem@alghandi.com

Field/Specialization: Senior Fleet Sales Executive

Location: Deira Showroom




Name: Ms. Rose Canon

Phone Number: 04-2310800 Ext. 870

Mobile Number: 052-7776054

Email ID: rose.a@alghandi.com

Specialization: Fleet Sales Coordinator – GMC & Chevrolet

Location: SZR Showroom

Name: Haitham Mahmoud

Phone Number: 04-2310800

Mobile Number: 050 - 5201093

Email ID: haitham.mahmoud@alghandi.com

Specialization: Fleet Sales Executive

Location: SZR Showroom